Not Only Leads

Despite the word “leads” in the name, BizConnector / Lead Follow-Up rules can be based on Contacts, Opportunities, Accounts, Tasks, Events, Cases, and Custom Objects, in addition to Leads.

These names are, as you know if you are a user, defined very specifically by

This is useful, for example, where you have Leads and you convert Leads, in the course of your business, to Accounts, Contacts, and Opportunities. Lead Follow-Up is deeply integrated with Salesforce so that, for example, rules can fire on Accounts and Opportunities, and the resulting emails can be sent to Contacts who are related to those (specific) Accounts and Opportunities. The emails can be sent to all the related Contacts, or only to certain Contacts – qualified by additional conditions in the rule.

Rules based on Events are particularly useful for companies and organizations that hold webinars. Lead Follow-Up can be used to invite people to the webinar, and to send reminders to the webinar days and/or minutes before the webinar event. Combined with the benefits of drip marketing, this feature presents a powerful ability to nurture (say) leads to encourage them to attend a webinar or other event, and then provide support for the necessary communications surrounding the event.

In addition to sales and marketing, Lead Follow-Up provides support for customer service, case management, and workflow automation.