Behavior-based Rules

BizConnector provides statistics of open and click-through counts – something that you would expect from a tool of this type. But BizConnector goes way beyond that.

Based on a rule that you define, it can automatically, in real-time:

  • Notify your internal teams the instant a recipient opens your email
  • Launch a series of follow-up steps for the recipient based on their click-through behavior
  • Update that recipient’s Salesforce record

You can use this to:

  • Notify a sales rep the minute a hot-lead opens an email with a contract, or clicked on a link
  • Offer a special promotion or money back guarantee to prospects who open an initial email you send, but fail to respond to your campaign
  • Send registration reminders to people who open an invitation to your webinar, seminar or other event, but haven’t yet signed up to attend

The possibilities are endless…