Salesforce Integration

BizConnector / Lead Follow-Up is deeply integrated with Despite the word “lead” in the name, it works with leads, contacts, opportunities, accounts, tasks, and custom objects.

Once you have created your templates and rules, BizConnector is watching your database – without you having to do anything.

So when ‘matching event’ occurs (such as the arrival of a new lead), one or more rules will fire, and actions (messages, assignments, updates, reminders) will be executed or scheduled into the future.

The extent of this integration is manifested most strongly for rules based on opportunities and accounts. For example, a rule that fires when a new opportunity arises and the resulting emails can be sent to contacts who are related to that specific opportunity. The emails can be sent to all the related contacts, or only to certain contacts – qualified by additional conditions in the rule.

The result is that you have the best of both worlds:, the leading CRM platform, and BizConnector / Lead Follow-Up – a leader in marketing and workflow automation software.