Instant Feedback From Recipients

Add questions to your HTML email content – the questions appear directly in the body of the email message. Easily inserted without any programming. Recipient responses update Salesforce records automatically – in real time.

For example, the following question could be embedded in an email:

One or two questions embedded directly in an email can elicit responses simply because:

  • the questions are directly in the email body – no extra click needed
  • recipients can quickly assess the commitment required before attempting to respond
  • they can quickly assess their interest in the questions
  • they can see that it will only take a few seconds to make the selections and respond

This built-in feedback mechanism enables closed-loop marketing. For example, a recipient’s response can cause a new rule to fire, enabling a new email sequence or other action.

This feature has been named carefully – the word ‘survey’ is not used. A loaded word, survey usually connotes long lists of questions, and perhaps multiple pages. For both technical and business reasons, long lists of questions are not recommended. People get put off by them. The intention here is that, as a direct approach, it is much more likely to get a response than the survey invitation link.