BizConnector was launched – as an app on Salesforce.com – in 2007.

BizConnector started out as a web-based email communication tool that enables ‘contextual interaction’ with recipients. Integrating multiple features with real-time functionality, its objective was to address the needs of companies seeking to cultivate their customers and grow their businesses by using the latest web technologies to manage marketing campaigns in an intelligent way.

BizConnector has evolved into a framework and a foundation for our products, starting with Lead Follow-Up. BizConnector / Lead Follow-Up falls into the category of Software As A Service – Software On Demand.

The key distinguishing elements of this framework include: 

  • the use of web services (originally SOAP, now also REST) as an architectural foundation
  • development from the perspective of Internet-based ‘connectedness’
  • agile development, so as to take maximum advantage of new services and resources that are springing up around us on the Internet at an increasing rate
  • following principles of behavior as a ‘good citizen’ on the Internet