BizConnector Revamped

BizConnector has been around since 2003, when it started out as ‘a communication automation tool that facilitates contextual interaction with customers, and automates business processes’. It has now evolved into a the framework for Lead Follow-Up, a rules-based lead nurturing/drip marketing tool available on

With the overall objective – intelligent automation of relevant communication between two parties – still the same, Lead Follow-Up has come a long way since it was first published in June, 2007. It is essentially a real-time rule engine – which gives it tremendous power and flexibility for marketing automation, as well as other workflow applications.

What’s so great about Lead Follow-Up?

  • It provides drip marketing capability – automated lead nurturing – ‘out of the box’ at a very affordable price
  • It’s deep integration with Salesforce CRM gives you a rich, robust platform ‘par excellence’
  • The business rules that implement your marketing, sales, and customer service strategies are easy to create
  • The ongoing, automated responses, notifications, alerts and reporting – in real-time – allow you to focus on your business – and not every minor detail in communicating with your customers and prospects

Some features recently added to Lead Follow-Up:

And coming soon – integration with Salesforce Chatter! In addition to Twitter, you will be able to see real-time alerts through Chatter when people open emails, click on links, and respond to your questions.